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Colliton Club Re-Opening 17 May 2021

Colliton Club Re-Opening 17 May 2021

Published: April 8, 2021

The Colliton Club is planning it’s reopening for Monday 17 May!

This is the first of an (ir)regular blog – please don’t shoot the messenger! We will try to highlight anything of interest not only for the Colliton Club but also what is happening in the community. Any (kind) comments or contributions gratefully received.

Hopefully all of everyone’s good work over the last few months will reap benefits and we can start our return to normal. We considered opening from 12 April but we were concerned for your welfare trying to cope with the vagaries of the British weather! Neither did we want any suggestion of watered down beer!

The breweries are starting to get ready for the industry re-opening. Both St Austell and Palmers have restarted brewing your favourite tipple. An interesting point made by Palmers is that they have only paused brewing twice in 227 years with both of these events happening in the last year!

We were very fortunate to have received an EU grant of just under £3,000 through the good offices of the Dorset Growth Hub. The grant was for a specific purpose but it means that, amongst other things, we have been able to refresh our website and advertise the Colliton Club in the Dorset Echo. Look out for our ads in late April early May. Look at the website and our Facebook page for details of our reopening and forthcoming events.

For those of you missing skittles we hope to run a summer skittle competition. For further details please contact Brian Newton.

Colliton House is steeped in history and greater detail of this will be available soon via an EBook on our website. The house has had a high profile in Dorchester from its early beginnings in the 17th century when William Churchill (High Sheriff of Dorset) built the main part of the building through to its use as a VAD Hospital during the Great War. Another member of the Churchill family was interested in brewing and so added a Brewhouse in 1729. When the Club built an extra skittle alley some years ago we extended the building. The extension that fronts on to Glyde Path Road was designed to reflect the original Brewhouse building. When we opened our doors in 1949 you can say that we merely reflected the history of the building!

Finally, keen readers of Thomas Hardy will know that Colliton House masquerades as High Place Hall, the home of Lucette Templeman, one of the main characters in the Mayor of Casterbridge.

Please note that all reopening dates are subject to Government guidelines for terms and conditions see GOV.UK/Coronavirus website!